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What causes HP printers to go offline?

If the machine loses network connectivity by itself, you should troubleshoot the issue exactly like when any other network equipment loses connectivity: Check the printer from a PC to verify that it actually is offline. Check cables. Check the settings. Check for duplicate IPs on the network. If window is reporting the printer as offline:

How to add HP Printer Manually?

Make sure your printer is installed on the computer. Turn on your printer. Activate the touch screen if necessary. Select set up. Select Network. Select wireless network wizard. Select your network name. Select network’s password. Select done. Select OK, now you will be able to print over wireless network

How to add your HP printer to wireless network?

Make sure that your computer and internet are compatible. Search your printer’s software, you can go to https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ and type in your printer’s model number, click Find, and click Download next to the top software entry. Click on the file, It will open up the software file. Turn on your printer. Follow the instructions given